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0IPv6 configuration of network interfaces and domain name resolution under RedHat Linux
1IPv6 configuration of network interfaces and domain name resolution under Debian Linux
2The installation and configuration of Postfix server on Linux
3The installation and configuration of Dovecot on Linux
4The installation and configuration of Apache HTTP Server on Debian Linux
5The installation and configuration of Sendmail on Linux
6IPv6 support in Linux
7The IPv6 routing configuration in RedHat Linux system
8The Instalation and configuration of Apache HTTP Server under RedHat Linux
9Instalation and configuration Postfix on Suse


Sendmail supports IPv6 protocol from version 8.12.

The installation from source code

The installation from a repository

The verification of Sendmail version

The IPv6 configuration

The installation from source code.

To install the Sendmail server from source - download it from the official vendor site:

Next log into the superuser.

Unpack the downloaded content using a command:
tar xzf name_of_dowloaded_sendmail.tar.gz
Next go to directory of where Sendmail is unpacked. Enter the command:
Then use a command:
make install


The installation from a repository:
To install Sendmail server from a repository, type as a superuser in the command line:
- for debian-like systems:
apt-get install sendmail
- for redhat-like systems:
yum install sendmail
- for suse systems:
zypper install sendmail
To check Sendmail version use the following command:
sendmail -d0.4 -bv | grep Version


To configure Sendmail server for IPv6 support, edit the file (usually /etc/mail) and add the line:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MTA, Family=inet6')dnl  

Afterward restart the sendmail daemon by following command:

/etc/init.d/sendmail restart

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