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0IPv6 configuration of network interfaces and domain name resolution under RedHat Linux
1IPv6 configuration of network interfaces and domain name resolution under Debian Linux
2The installation and configuration of Postfix server on Linux
3The installation and configuration of Dovecot on Linux
4The installation and configuration of Apache HTTP Server on Debian Linux
5The installation and configuration of Sendmail on Linux
6IPv6 support in Linux
7The IPv6 routing configuration in RedHat Linux system
8The Instalation and configuration of Apache HTTP Server under RedHat Linux
9Instalation and configuration Postfix on Suse


Until 2.2 version Postfix supports IPv4, but it is disabled by default


How to check Postfix version

Instalation from source

Instalation from repository 

Configuration inet_protocols

Configuration inet_interfaces


To check Postfix version we have to open terminal and use command "postconf mail_version"


To install Postfix from source, we have to dovnload source code from official site of Postfix .

We also have to install packages which are required:




To install them we have to be logged as superuser. Then we use command  "zypper install perl gcc db*-dovel libdb4.7-dev" and confirm  all request from system during  installation.

After install packages and download source code from official site we have to be in directory where is source code with Postfix.

Execute command  "tar xzf file_name.tar.gz" we unpack the source. Then we go to directory creating during unpach action and write command "make". After execute command we have to create new group and user by  "groupadd group_name" oraz "useradd user_name" commands. To any ask from system during installation we have to press "Enter" expect ask about   mail_owner and setgid_group. There write name user and group which you created before.


Instalation from repository

To install Postfix from repository execute  "zypper install postfix"  command logged as superuser 


We have to find line which begins  "inet_protocols".  Default value is "ipv4" (as the folowing ilustration).

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